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How To Rank Your Website with Google's New UX Metrics. 
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70% of Online Discovery Experiences begin with a Search Engine.


How to Increase Your Online Sales with SEO.

  • Optimise Your Website. 

  • Grow Your Search Engine Visibility.

  • Grow Quality Traffic to Your Website.

  • Grow Your Online Sales.

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What else is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Good For?


  • Lead Generation, increasing your Webform Enquiries.

  • eCommerce Product Page Information & Updates.  

  • Driving More Direct Email Enquiries and Phone Calls.

  • High Brand Authority on Search Engine Result Positions. 


A Unique Blend Of Industry Expertise. 

A revenue-centric marketer with accomplished skills in Search, Inbound and Performance marketing, These experiences have allowed me to generate seven figure revenues for Irish businesses in very short time periods. 


I also come with experiences in other fast paced industry verticals such as retail and hospitality, giving me considerable expertise and knowledge on how these industries have evolved with new online technologies. 


Find out more about me on my LinedkIn Profile or contact me using the options below. 

Diarmuid O'Loughlin
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Lets Connect. 

SEO has now become the No.1 most effective marketing channel. The pandemic has forced many brands to review and update their web content to ensure they stay relevant with their consumers. SEO is also a far more cost effective way in boosting the visibility of your brand.


If you've been forced to cut your digital advertising budget, SEO can help drive and increase the performance of your website, resulting in higher search ranking results, driving more traffic to your website. Over the last 10-15 years more companies are investing in SEO, aligning it as a core marketing activity.


Why not reach out and make contact with us today, we can evaluate your current web platform with a website audit and then give you some advice on the next steps to take. 

Direct by email or send a message online.

Fill out the form below for a Free Consultation.

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