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Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation.

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Publishing content that's not useful to your audience will reflect on metrics and engagement levels giving you an indicator on what type content works for you and also what doesn’t. 

Bricks 2 Clicks Marketing develops and deploys inbound marketing strategies that have a clear objective to satisfy our clients needs This is achieved through crafting a tailored Inbound Marketing Roadmap. By taking a deep dive into your business, reviewing your core values, product or service offerings and existing customer touchpoints. We can then map a strategy and a new customer journey that will enrich new leads to your business website.

Our Tailored Inbound Marketing Roadmap is designed to;

  • Develop an effective demand generation strategy that will combine all the activities of your digital assets.

  • Increase the volume and quality of your website traffic by leveraging website and social media content that provides useful and enriching information about you and your business. 

  • Convert more of your website visitors to customers through lead generation and email nurturing campaigns.  

  • Develop optimised website landing pages that create intuitive lead flows, shortening user journeys in order to maximise conversions. 

  • Create a central data storage system by integrating a cloud CRM system to collect and store all lead enquiry data.

  • Launch targeted lead, email campaigns leveraging the use and power of your new cloud CRM system. 

To find out more about the cost effectiveness of Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation why not take the next step and book a consultation with us?

One of the most powerful ways in growing a business is Inbound Marketing. Designed on drawing visitors to your website and other digital touch points through useful and enriching content, alongside intuitive customer journeys with the intent on driving high conversions.

Over the last decade its been proven that allowing people to discover more about your business at their own pace is a highly effective marketing strategy. Publishing useful content about your industry and your products or services that attracts visitors to your digital touchpoints builds trust in your brand and ultimately drives conversions. Inbound Marketing relies a lot on data and content.

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