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Performance Marketing.

Digital Advertising | Conversion Tracking |  Cross Channel Analysis.

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Performance Marketing involves combining one or a number of different advertising platforms to help reach a specific or number of goals. Before you can begin to measure the success of your campaigns you need to establish goals. Whether you wish to generate brand awareness, increase website conversions or generate more leads for your business.

The great aspect about Performance Marketing is that it measures actions not impressions or click-throughs, that way you maximise the ROI on your business advertising using only the most appropriate digital advertising platforms. 

The most important performance marketing goals for a business are:

  • Increases in Website Traffic.

  • Increases in Return Website Visitors.

  • Engagement Rates on Social Media and other digital touchpoints. 

  • Increases in Lead Generation.

  • Increase in Website Conversions.  


At Bricks 2 Clicks Marketing we go through a number steps to ensure your Performance Marketing Strategy is thoroughly discussed and planned from the off. Based on the specific business goals you want to reach, mentioned above, we leverage the most appropriate advertising channels, matching your strategy with their capabilities to ensure a high yield in advertising spend. We then consistently analyse and review your campaign data so we can measure its performance against  pre-set goals and targets. 


For more information on how we can grow your business online through Performance Marketing, reach out and let's start planning today!

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