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Prepare Your SEO Strategy for 2021. Bricks 2 Clicks Marketing.

In a previous article I attempted to demystify SEO and explain the different categories that form an overall SEO strategy. Sometimes though it’s best to go a step further, by illustrating how to actually implement one, so I thought it best to replicate my own checklist in to an eBook to takeaway and use yourself.

This eBook provides you with a complete overview of how to execute your own SEO strategy for 2021. When you look at SEO and how it works don’t be surprised to hear how long it takes to get the results you want. So its best to start planning now!

Every part of your customer journey should reflect your brand authenticity, search engine optimisation is no different. 68% of all online experiences for a brand start with a search engine. That's why getting your search engine marketing tactics right are so important.

Not all the points covered on this checklist may apply to your website, but at least you'll get some best practices from reading it. Don’t forget SEO checklists are only a blueprint, to rank against your competitors you will need to cover most (if not all) of the points highlighted.

So whats covered?

The checklist breaks down all the different categories involved in an SEO strategy looking at Keyword Research, On-page, Technical, Off- Page and Local Search. It’s packed with useful tips (you normally don’t hear of) on how you can implement a successful SEO strategy. There is a list of SEO software tools to guide you on your way to get the results you need.

So enjoy reading and please reach out with any questions, we can run a free website audit on your website and advise you on the next steps to take.

Download the Complete SEO Strategy Checklist 2021

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