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Search Engine Marketing.

Google Ads  | Internet Marketing | Social Media Marketing. 

What is SEM?

SEM or search engine marketing involves the use of what's called paid search advertising, through Google Ads, sometimes Social Media Marketing and the use of optimised website content or (SEO). Google Ads accelerates in driving quality traffic to websites, it’s more immediate but also costlier a process than just using SEO.


For newly launched websites Google Ads would be a step one advertising strategy as PPC campaigns are driven by keyword relevancy in what users normally search for.  New websites take time to gain traction with search engines. Google Ads allows for more immediate traffic to be funneled towards your website, it's more controllable and can be targeted to the right audience in many different ways,


As SEO allows your website to gain visibility in organic search results, SEM combines the same content you used already in your website alongside internet advertising like Google Ads and Social Media Marketing. It’s done through matching keywords relevant to your products or services alongside the most similar frequently search terms, to develop result driven ads that convert customers quicker.  


Things to remember about SEO and SEM is that they are different in many ways, but used together can be highly effective. Search Engine Optimisation will take longer to get results but if you are looking for higher search result credibility for your business website then its best to develop with SEO. SEM is the next step in developing a broader awareness for your business website through internet marketing and advertising. 


For More Traffic, More Conversions and Improved Search Rankings why not book a virtual coffee session with us today!

The main components of Search Engine Marketing. 

  • Search engine optimised website landing pages highlighting the key benefits of your products or services. 

  • Google Ads, using pay per click advertising to drive more immediate and relevant traffic to your website.  

  • Social Media Marketing, leveraging the power of paid social media to boost traffic to your website from targeted audience groups.

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