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SEO Website Optimisation.

On Page SEO | Technical SEO | Off Page SEO | Local SEO.

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What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of generating “organic” non paid traffic to a website through the development of webpage content that provides relevancy and quality to search engine users. 


SEO will never be an overnight success, but once a clear strategy has been mapped out it creates the foundations for online business prosperity. SEO website optimisation takes time and is a vital component of search marketing. A comprehensive SEO plan will have a number of core elements, a strategy and roadmap, competition analysis, keyword research for social media and other content production, a budget and agreed timeframes to assess its effectiveness in achieving higher search engine positions. 


At Bricks 2 Clicks Marketing we understand how search engines work and adopt the best SEO practices to deploy in achieving high ranking search result positions for your business. We know that some websites have been built and launched with love but! lack the understanding and knowledge of SEO. We start with a review of your existing web platform to analyse its performance, this allows us to build a roadmap and strategy that will guarantee a substantial increase in high quality website traffic. We deliver this with our own SEO Recovery Roadmap which includes actioning the following areas of your business website;

On Page SEO.  

  • Conducting a website content audit, mapping the flow of your website, looking at each individual page and its metadata. 

  • Is your content right and fit for purpose towards your target audience. 

  • Analysing your website traffic behaviour and engagement using metrics from Google Analytics and other behavioural software. 

  • Competitor Website Content Analysis, looking at what type of content they publish in terms of social media, blog content and audio marketing pieces.  

Technical SEO. 

  • Involves a comprehensive website audit using performance metrics to assess all aspects of your website platform from it’s information architecture to  it’s image collateral and download speeds.

  • The purpose of the audit is to identify issues & errors that affect a search engine's ability to crawl your website, not being able to do so will confuse it, resulting in your website's poor search visibility. 

  • Once these issues & errors are identified we can form an action plan and get to work straight away on improving your websites search performance. 

Off Page SEO. 

  • From our website audit we can review inbound links to your website (links that point to your website url address). Sometimes these links can be considered ‘toxic' by search engines and have harmful effects on your website's ranking so it’s necessary to take appropriate action if this situation arises. 

  • As a back-linking strategy we can review the most authoritative, popular websites in your industry to create links with. Search engines crawl web pages looking for these types of websites which generate high quality user traffic. 


Local SEO.

Local Search is another strong anchor for any ‘bricks and mortar’ store to show prominently in relevant search results. By optimising your 'Google My Business' listing page and providing constant updates, it adds value to local users, who become far more aware of where you are located through location based searches on Google Maps, This type of search strategy is especially useful in built up, congested business areas with high competition like city business districts, shopping centres and enterprise parks. 


Take the first step to increase the quality of your web traffic today and book a Free 1 HR Consultation. 

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