Social Commerce Development - Facebook Instagram | Pinterest.

Social Commerce is an online selling technology that allows social media channels to sell directly to their audiences. They are designed to make the online shopping experience more seamless and personalised for the user, it brings commerce functionality into social media platforms. 


Social Media has evolved into the most powerful platform to grow brand awareness, it's perfectly suited to smartphone technology, it's easy to share and recommend a brand on-the-go, social media is also the place where trust in a brand can go viral with user-generated content and quality reviews. 


There are a number of key benefits in leveraging a Social Commerce channel to sell your products, 


The first is that your audience is most likely already following you (if you have a social media presence). Millions of people flock to their favourite social media channels everyday to engage and check-in on updates with their most popular brands. Social Commerce allows brands to easily connect, grow and sell to their target audience, as the buying and transaction experience is more seamless through the social commerce app, there is no need to be redirected to an eCommerce platform.  


The second benefit is that a high proportion of new user traffic tends to divert to a brands website to find more out about it, before or after they complete a transaction. This drives high quality web traffic to your website and doubling your sales opportunity. 


The third is Social Commerce encourages new forms of on-demand communication between a brand and its customers. Social media messaging apps act as highly effective customer support & service channels. Quick response times to customer queries builds more trust and stimulates more word-of-mouth marketing for your brand helping to retain and build customers. 


One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing as a whole, is it’s ability to measure ROI on investment. Social Commerce is no exception, it's extremely easy to track ad campaign performances and evaluate spend with preinstalled platform metrics. Engagement, Click-Through and Conversion Rates will display what products have the highest yield for your business. If your advertising strategy needs tweaking Social Commerce gives you the data to make those decisive decisions getting you back on track quickly. 


At Bricks 2 Clicks Marketing we have the experience in deploying Social Commerce options for your target audience. Whether you’re looking at developing a new sales channel or want to add more value to your existing social media presence, we can develop and launch a Social Commerce platform that will offer you another highly effective way of reaching new and existing customers.